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MARCH 26, 200


Hello fans, been a while, so now to catch you up. We signed a deal last month with Global Eyes Entertainment, with veteran Preston Sullivan onboard already securing several European territories in the last couple months since the Midem festival in France. I just returned from the SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas including several meetings with industry friends, radio and booking. Hoping to secure the Texas market again for touring soon this year as the new single moves toward adds. We moved throughout Texas, traveling to the Padre islands on the beach for a few days rest and camping back to Austin then on to New Orleans's Bourbon Street for a travel through, last blow out and back home, meeting family I haven't seen in a while throughout our travels. A great trip I will always remember I'm sure and three of the most grueling weeks of my life on the move.

The week prior to SXSW we we're at CRS in Nashville meeting radio PDs doing a bit of PR for our new single that is hitting radio now, "Bright Lights." Here's a link for radio station PDs and numbers for you to call and request the new single (available to country radio stations on CDX VOL 469). Please stay within the area of where you live, and remember all you do helps us as a street team, calling radio for request of the single. We also are working with Jerry Duncan radio promotions in Nashville and with Jade Entertainment on PR and radio with Judy Ade a veteran of the industry along with her colleague Jay Karl working the secondary market radio panel. We hope to gain some ground in the next few weeks, only 2 weeks in, the single seems to be doing very well.

Now, on a bad note in the last few months is this, my little dog Cooter got picked up and carried away by a hawk -- killed and eaten by a hawk, what a way to go. I really miss him a lot and to top it off a few weeks after that my ex-wife Melissa was in a bad car accident, hit by a drunk driver in the side hurting her really bad ,she is tough though and I'm sure she will rebound in a few months. I seem to feel helpless, I wish I could be there for her to help her out but as CSN once wrote, "too much water moving underneath the bridge, let the water come a carry us away." God Bless, Neil Carswell







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