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View Neil Carswell's EPK
View Neil Carswell's EPK



copperhead self titled cd

Copperhead is known as one of the last great Southern rock bands to emerge from the 90’s.  Neil Carswell, the driving force behind southern rock legends Copperhead, has released a stunning new collection of tracks from the archives. "Live & Lost" is a combination of studio and live gems that will have fans of the band rejoicing and hollering for a reunion of the powerful lineup.

Listen to "Live & Lost" and the self-titled CD "Copperhead" (produced by Tom Dowd) on the Buy CDs page.  Watch the original video of the song "Whiskey", as seen on MTV. 



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neil carswell

Visit Neil Carswell's site
"Carswell has an enviable history by anyone’s standards, with collaborators and affiliations ranging from renowned producers such as Tom Dowd to legendary performers as Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers) and Barry Goodrow (Boston). Make no mistake about it, Carswell’s place in rock history is now secure thanks to the tremendous popularity of his recorded output and paying dues on the road." - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"Come visit me on my website to view recent photos and
listen to my new CD, "Keep You Guessing." - Neil Carswell



copperhead self titled cd

live and lost


Self-titled CD "Copperhead"
(produced by Tom Dowd)

"Live & Lost" a new collection
of tracks from the archives.


good man's journey cd


"Keep You Guessing"
by Neil Carswell

"Good Man's Journey"
by Neil Carswell

“Copperhead’s brand of Southern Rock follows the legendary trails of Lynyrd Skynyrd with the soulful wailings of the Black Crowes” - Leslie R. Marini, X-posure Magazine

“Copperhead is the truest example of new-breed southern rock purity in motion, featuring Van Zant-esqu vocalisms blended with a modern-day hard rock onslaught. - All Southern Rock e-zine.

Blistering tracks like “Whiskey Mama,” “Raging Fire,” and “Voices In The Night” will waste no time in bringing you back to the band’s heyday from the late 80s to early 90s .... Copperhead fans young and old alike will be gobbling up this CD with veracity. -
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Southern rock tinged metal without compare ...
Neil Carswell is an undefined amazement in rock vocals. - Ear Buzz (read the full review)

Carswell’s voice is powerful with a better than average range and the band has a great live energy even on the studio cuts. I would call it old-school metal with a southern attitude. The live versions of “Whiskey” and “Born Loser” stand out and their version of “Drift Away” certainly should have been the one to get the air play rather than that other fella’s… - -Jimmy Williams, Gritz – Digital Southern Music Magazine (read the full review)


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